Infocomm 2022 Panel Discussion

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience participating in the panel discussion hosted by Sony at Infocomm 2022. It was an incredible opportunity to engage with industry leaders from Crestron, Korbyt, and Skykit and delve into the paramount importance of digital signage across various sectors. The session was expertly moderated by rAVe’s Gary Kayye.


I’m loving the HockeyTracker app for my Apple Watch. While I wonder how accurate it is at times (22.6mph seems a bit high), it provides great insight into workouts on the ice.

I’ll admit, it’s a little weird wearing your watch on the ice but the cuff covers it pretty well. If you are that worried about damaging it, buy a pair of these. Overall, the data is cool to see and it’s interesting to see how you are improving over time.